My Little Corner of Canada: Open your hearts on May 26



The campaigning is over. On Monday the voters of Nunavut will decide to support or reject gender parity. When you, the voter, go into that voting booth to mark your secret ballot, what will be in your heart?

Will there be fear and anger? Or will your heart be moved by love and generosity toward your fellow human beings?

People will vote No for different reasons. Some will vote No because they are prejudiced and do not believe in equality of the genders. A few will vote No because they do not fully understand the proposal. Others will vote No because they have been confused by the defenders of the status quo. Fear and doubt are the strongest weapons of the No side.

People will vote Yes because they recognize the very basic goodness of this proposal. They will vote Yes because they believe in the equality of merit of the genders. They will vote Yes because they see this as something that will make them grow as human beings. Many see this as part of the natural process of evolution in human thinking. Human kind has always conquered its fears and doubts.

Some young people will vote No because they are cynical about politics and politicians. But it is the status quo that has created this cynicism. Why defend something that has made you cynical?

The No side has been saying that they are insulted and have bellowed that this is being shoved down their throat. This is misplaced vanity and false anger. This has put fear and anger in some voters.

There are repressed voices out there. They wanted to express their support for gender parity but are ilirasuktut. We remind you that your vote is secret.

There is a good reason why legislatures are referred to as houses. It is because the affairs of the human family are discussed and debated. They are the living rooms of peoples and nations. When Nunavut’s house opens in 1999, will it be run by a single parent? We believe that most people want to see both a father and a mother. Things just work better that way.

The status quo has run its course. It is time to move on to better things. Let your hearts not be afraid.

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