My Little Corner of Canada: Your hearts and minds


In the coming weeks before the vote on gender parity in Nunavut’s legislature, the two sides of the campaign will be tugging at your hearts and minds to vote Yes or No on the issue.

They will appeal to your fears and aspirations. They will appeal to your reasonings and emotions.

The debate will likely provoke some sharp words from both sides of the campaign. Some feelings may be hurt along the way.

But it is now a well established tradition that we will go back to our co-operative approach once the vote is over, no matter what the outcome. The progress towards Nunavut will resume.

After all is said and done, on May 26th, it will be up to you, the voter. Where you mark your X will decide where this issue goes.

This vote does put us at a fork in the road. The question does require an answer. It is here we must decide. Are we afraid to make a decision?

We should never be afraid to make a decision when a clear answer is required. Life is about decisions. Some harder than others.

This vote is not between political parties or individual politicians.

It is between two ideas. One is new. The other is not.

How the vote turns out will largely reveal what kind of society we are. The vote will decide which road we take. Approach this question with open minds and generous hearts.

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