Nunavut Arctic College toll-free number typo sends callers to San Francisco

Would you like sales? Or parts and service?


For a while there, if you wanted to call Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit, you had to talk to Mike Hollywood first.

Nunavut Arctic College’s toll-free number on its website this week was typed in incorrectly in big blue numbers as 1-866-797-7222 which sent callers to a bewildered Hollywood, sales manager for Ellis Brooks Auto Centre in San Francisco.

“Where the heck is this Arctic College anyway?” asked Hollywood, Feb. 13. “It’s crazy. I’ve had at least 15 calls this week.”

When told it was north of 60, in Canada’s Nunavut Territory, he laughed uproariously. “Wow, that’s waaaaaay up there,” he said.

“Well, I’m sure it’s warmer here than in the land of the Eskimos. It’s 70 degrees here. That’s Fahrenheit, of course, We Americans still follow that old British system.”

Ellis Brooks, he said, is California’s oldest car dealership, celebrating 75 years of service this year. “History is what makes us what we are,” he said.

He added San Francisco, famous for its Golden Gate bridge, diverse demographics and liberal politics, is a great city to live in but expensive. The average home there now sells for $1.7 million.

By Thursday morning, Feb. 14, Arctic College had corrected the big blue number to 1-866-979-7222. Mike Hollywood can now go back to selling cars.

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