Nunavut Commissioner recognizes brave acts by Coral Harbour residents

Brave exploits include rescues from frigid water


Eleven Nunavummiut received bravery awards from the Commissioner of Nunavut, Edna Elias, during a ceremony in Coral Harbour, a news release from the commissioner’s office said March 27.

The recipients included Richard K. Nakoolak who rescued his grandfather by pulling him out of the water when his all-terrain vehicle became immobile in the river.

“Seeing the grandfather accepts the award on behalf of his grandson with tear-filled eyes was very touching,” Elias said.

Another Commissioner’s bravery award went to Annie M. Eetuk, an elder, rescued two five-year-old children from drowning at high tide.

Joshua Ningeongan, Wesley Siutinuar, Deanna Ell, Kristen Ell and Kidlapik Nakoolak were honoured for risking their lives by swimming in a cold river to rescue a middle-aged couple pinned under an ATV.

“The fact that a group of youth knew what to do at the time when they came upon the emergency situation and coordinated themselves in their rescue efforts showed maturity and common sense on their part,” Elias said.

John Eetuk, John Nakoolak, Moses Nakoolak and Joe Netser received awards for risking their lives to rescue of a youth stranded on floating sea ice using a 22-foot aluminum boat in November 2009.

The four also received bravery certificates by the Governor General of Canada and received certificates and medals by the Royal Canadian Humane Association.

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