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Open letter to the presidents of Makivvik and First Air

Is a Nunavik company taking advantage of the Baffin region?


How come Nunavik can have as many make-up flights as they want, (I’ve been there and seen it done) when Baffin, where most of First Air’s income is coming from, cannot even have make-up flights?

I live just 50 minutes away from Pangnirtung, and not one makeup flight is ever available.

Instead, if the weather is bad or whatever, they will put me on a flight that is five days minimum hold to the next available flight because of codeshare. Can someone who is not from Baffin answer this before they do math on it?

The question is, I am from Baffin, I pay over $800 return for 50 minutes each trip, to and from Iqaluit to Pangnirtung and I get a lousy old biscuit and little bag of chips to snack on.

(I hear it costs even more for a half hour trip, to Kimmirut from Iqaluit by Twin Otter.)

All this money is not going to Inuit I know. Now do your math and see how unfairly we are treated and abused and taken advantage of.

If I was an MLA, some Inuit firm president, be it Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., Qikiqtani Inuit Assocation, Kivalliq Inuit Association, Nunasi Corp., Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and so on, I would work until this garbage was lifted from our Baffin region.

Today, my patience wears thin for people we call president, to just watch us be treated in this unfair, not human, greedy way by the First Air president and his CEO that we read about on board. Such empty killing machine words.

If they are that good, then get make-up flights and treat us like human beings, not money trees.

Lois Mike

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