Photo: Stalking the Arctic wolf


Rankin Inlet’s Leo Kaludjak looks over pelts of nine wolves and one wolverine that he harvested the last week of March southwest of Arviat. Weather and rough terrain prompted Kaludjak and fellow hunter Chris Connelly to cut the trip a bit short but Connelly also managed to harvest nine wolves. “As a rookie, I think me and my hunting partner did pretty well,” Kaludjak told Nunatsiaq News. Some more experienced hunters can come home with 20 or 30 wolves, he said, adding this was only his second time out wolf hunting and that he still has lots to learn. Kaludjak sold the pelts to a Winnipeg company that cleans and prepares furs for sale. An average pelt can earn a hunter $250, or as much as $400 if the quality is excellent, he said. (PHOTO BY NOEL KALUDJAK)

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