What’s good for the goose is good for the gander


I was just reading the letter to editor titled “Airline competition brings benefits.”

No one is mentioning it, but I seem to remember when Kenn Borek was trying to set up flights into Kimmirut. First Air got very aggressive, actively competing and pushing out the smaller carrier.

Why? Because it could. First Air had deeper pockets.

Let face it. Neither northern airline offer any true competition on price to the Nunavut public. Book a ticket with either Canadian or First Air and the ticket price might vary by only $40.

Suddenly Air Canada Jazz, which may have deeper pockets than either northern airline, wants to enter a northern market and sudenly the whole northern airline infrastructure is in jeopardy.

Northern airlines and politician tell us we Nunavumiut should be happy, that they have a good services and they have our best interest at heart, but I think they forgot to mention that they have their hand deep in our pockets.

Nunavummiut should be happy that First air and Canadian North charges up to $1,900 a ticket to travel from Iqaluit to Ottawa?

Ask anyone in Ottawa how far they can travel on $1,900 and they will tell you that in the south you can go half way around the world for $1900. What do Nunavummiut living in Iqaluit get? A ride to Ottawa.

In Kimmirut, you have to pay even more, because you have to get to YFB for the pleasure of paying another $1,900. So a flight to Ottawa from Kimmirut can be as hight as $2,200 or more. Yes, there are cheaper tickets. But you get the point.

Air Canada Jazz is a reality check for the First Air and Canadian North, as well as northern politicians. Just maybe Nunavummiut will get less expensive air fares and more money left in their pockets.

At the very least, Nunavut will end up learning how an airline that looks to be efficient and compete in a tough business can actually sell a seat on the YOW to YFB routye for less than $1,900 in today’s market and still make a profit.

The last time someone told the public to be happy and eat cake we know what happened to them. The airlines and our MLAs must do a better job at proving that they offer value instead of telling us to eat cake.

(Name withheld by request)

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