Mayor clarifies Iqaluit position on anti-poverty effort


Council would like to take this opportunity to provide the extra information missing from the Nunatsiaq Online story “Iqaluit council skeptical of anti-poverty effort” dated Jan. 18, 2011.

The City of Iqaluit does support the need for various levels of government, including municipalities, Inuit organizations and society as a whole to find ways to work together and to find ways to reduce poverty in our communities.

This sentiment was expressed by all councillors at last week’s council meeting.

Coun. Akumalik’s comment was to press upon the attending government representative, Ed McKenna, that the Government of Nunavut and others need to follow through with their commitment to reduce poverty in Nunavut, beyond the development of an anti-poverty strategy.

In addition to council’s support, we said we are prepared to meet with Ed McKenna, Director of the Anti-Poverty Secretariat, to discuss ways to increase public participation through the consultation process, especially persons who are living in poverty.

Several emails and phone calls between the City and the GN regarding this has already occurred since our council meeting, including a commitment for the Niksiit Committee to meet with Mr. McKenna.

The City of Iqaluit’s Niksiit Committee is a municipality-supported group, made up of council, stakeholder representatives and community members.

The Niksiit Committee is responsible for guiding the municipality’s support of social and community development based on Council’s general direction.

Niksiit Committee also advises council regarding the distribution of various funding programs including but not limited to Brighter Futures and the Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

Niksiit has provided support to the Qimaavik women’s shelter, Oqota Men’s Shelter, Iqaluit Soup Kitchen, Tukisigiarvik, and YWCA and to proactively support and assist various community and social development projects and programs.

Clearly the City of Iqaluit and council are committed to the development of an anti-poverty strategy and generally the well being of all our citizens.

Mayor Madeleine Redfern

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