Nunavut Crown hires six more lawyers


The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is the organization responsible for prosecuting federal offences, including Criminal Code cases, and for providing prosecution-related legal advice to law enforcement agencies in Nunavut.

While it is true that the PPSC has faced staffing pressures in Nunavut, it recently concluded a successful recruitment campaign that led to the hiring of six additional prosecutors.

As a result, the PPSC Regional Office in Iqaluit will reach its full complement of 15 prosecutors later this year.

In addition I would note the PPSC Regional Office in Iqaluit can call upon the assistance of PPSC prosecutors in other parts of Canada to help out when staffing pressures arise.

The PPSC is committed to ensuring that there is an effective justice system in Nunavut and will continue to work with its criminal justice partners to achieve this.

Barry McLaren
Chief Federal Prosecutor
Public Prosecutions Service of Canada
Nunavut Regional Office

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