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Jimmy Ehko's grieving widow wants unique piece returned

Grave robbers make off with $300 carving


When Akeego Ekho, the widow of Jimmy Ekho, recently visited the Iqaluit cemetery, she was shocked to discover that thieves had made off with a piece of carved ivory that hung on the cross marking her late husband's grave.

The inscription on the ivory piece read: "Arctic Elvis. Jimmy Ekho, aged 48, 1960-2008."

Ekho, remembered for his signature sealskin outfit and his performances of Elvis tunes, died June 10 of lung failure. He was 48.

Akeego Ekho said she spent $300 for the ivory piece that adorned her late husband's grave.

"I really want it back," she said.

Now it appears someone stole the unique piece, which may have already been cut up into smaller pieces for use in making ivory jewelry.

"That person has no heart," Ekho said, adding that the loss of the ivory has added to the grief she feels over the loss of her husband.

Whoever took the ivory left other items on the grave untouched: a pair of dark, aviator-style sunglasses and a plastic-wrapped quiz book about the life of Elvis.

In the place of the carved ivory, there's now a commercially-made white cross.

Ekho contacted local media in the hope that someone will return the missing ivory.

Anyone with information about the missing ivory piece can call her at 979-3178.

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