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Johnny Oovaut on integrity

'I detest using positions…for personal benefit.'

By JOHNNY OOVAUT - Special to Nunatsiaq News

Johnny Oovaut is running for the presidency of Makivik Corp., the Inuit birthright organization for Nunavimiut. Every candidate is invited to submit a similar piece to Nunatsiaq News.

Hello, fellow Inuit, relatives, friends.

Firstly, I thank the people that have enough confidence in me to nominate me.

I will try and fulfill your expectations as long as they are realistic.

I realize that I cannot cover all the concerns expressed by the electors of Nunavik and have included those that I feel are important at the moment.

I am running to lead the people and to have the people lead me.

The leader must benefit the organization, not the organization benefit the leader.

I cannot run this organization alone so I will rely on the people of Nunavik to help make decisions and give me ideas, I will also respect the knowledge of the employees and will work to achieve what is best for the people and our future generations.

I will work together in major projects with the communities affected and if it is regional with the people of Nunavik,

I will respect your opinions and your decisions.

People and employees will have the right to express their opinion without fear of retribution under my leadership.

I will seek to improve and assist our students from primary to university levels in order to achieve our dreams.

I would like to see lawyers, for example, graduate in my lifetime.

You will have my support when you try and heal the wounded-at-heart people of Nunavik.

I will support strongly the preservation efforts that are already underway to preserve our language and our culture.

Women must not be abused, children must be nurtured and elders must be protected.

I would like to try to bring a spirit of unity and make people feel a part of Makivik and make them feel like they are contributing something for the benefit of Nunavik – but not to the point of being afraid to have a different view.

We must look to ourselves and take full responsibility for our lives, and work to right the wrong that has been done to us and by us.

We must not look for outside help but help ourselves through our beliefs and our culture.

On the business side of things I would negotiate to have no duplication of projects and if there is any duplication we negotiate and share the workload.

I would put in a procedure where it will not be up to me or just a few to make decisions on how we use Makivik funds.

I detest using positions and organizations for personal benefit.

I would want to look at the working conditions of the employees.

I will be as transparent as much as possible.

If possible, knowing that many communities are constructing hunting trails, I would assist them financially before they request because presently being a mayor I know that hunter support programs always need help financially.

We need to patent the amautik and the Inuit style mittens before they are copied by southern venture such as happened with the inuksuk, the qajaq and other Inuit inventions.

A leader has to be able to listen, and not just be a ‘boss of all bosses.' At the same time, a leader should not fear to take on issues and confront them if need be.

I would like to have debates freely and without personal attacks on anybody.

The decision of the people must be respected when they vote on the subject of self-government. Whether yea or nay.

All agreements must be presented in a clear and timely manner and the people allowed sufficient time to understand them before voting.

I will respect the democratic process.

I am on the outside of Makivik Corp., looking in, and will know more once I have been elected.

It must also be noted that we must work together on the changes we want to make to Makivik policies and procedures.

God bless Nunavik!

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