Reality TV program seeks Nunavut 'twins' for its viewers

Have a birthday bash with a Belgian


If you've always wanted to be on television, you may have a chance – that is, if you were who was born on the right day and year.

A Belgian television production company is looking for Nunavummiut, men and women alike, who were born on certain dates.

They'll be matched up with men and women from Belgium who were born on the very same day.

The reality television show, called the Birthday Twins Project, will try to answer the question: "What would my life have been like, if I wasn't born in Belgium but in another part of the world?"

"To be able to answer this question, we have selected about 20 Belgian participants for our project. For those Belgians, we are looking for people worldwide who were born on the exact same day and who have the same gender (called "birthday twins")," said Annelore De Donder from Woestijnvis, a Belgian production company that works for the Belgian National Television network.

After finding the proper candidates, the film crew will visit the "twins" where they live and introduce them to their Belgian counterparts.

Each Belgian will be matched with three twins from different places in the world. Every segment of the show will feature a Belgian man or woman visiting three twins in their native countries.

"Together, they can discover to what extent their surroundings, habits, culture… have been of influence on their life, what the resemblances or differences are," said De Donder. "We would like to immerse the Belgian person in the daily life of his/her foreign twin and film that experience during a couple of days."

De Donder said producers are looking for twins who could offer an insight into a certain culture or country, a profession, evolution or trend.

"An episode of a Nunavut citizen next to a Belgian person of the exact same age would be quite fascinating and confronting for us Belgians, as we know very little about the way of life up north," she said.

The Belgian men and women who have been selected are born on following dates:


  • April 29, 1933
  • July 18, 1948
  • July 19, 1948
  • September 25, 1949
  • February 11, 1952
  • January 18, 1956
  • May 5, 1956
  • December 30, 1960
  • July 24, 1962
  • January 14, 1965
  • January 27, 1965
  • October 5, 1968
  • February 5, 1969
  • December 1, 1971
  • May 3, 1981


  • April 5, 1943
  • May 2, 1950
  • July 20, 1963
  • March 24, 1964
  • March 26, 1975
  • December 27, 1979
  • July 24, 1982

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