Stray dogs shot following attack on five-year-old in Gjoa Haven

Boy loses leg to dog mauling


A five-year-old boy lost his leg after being badly mauled by a dog in Gjoa Haven Saturday, Sept. 15.

The boy, Ricky Nanoolook, was playing by himself outside his home around noon when a family dog slipped its collar and began to viciously attack him.

"I think the dog was starving," said Sgt. Bill Sharp of the Gjoa Haven RCMP detachment.

El Schantz, a teacher, first saw the dog and child. From a distance, it looked like they were playing. When he realized the dog was mauling the child, he ran to help.

He pulled the child free, but the dog would not give up and continued to jump at Schantz.

"He saved that child's life, for sure," said Sharp. "Another minute or two and he would be dead."

Several residents riding an ATV stopped to pull the dog from the man.

The boy was taken to the community health centre and later flown to Yellowknife, then Edmonton for medical treatment. Police said the boy is in stable condition, but lost one leg.

"It's pretty tragic, but it could have been a lot worse," Sharp said.

The dog belonged to the family's uncle, who owns the house they reside in. Police do not plan to press charges.

A bylaw officer shot the dog. It is being tested for rabies, but it did not exhibit any symptoms of the disease prior to the mauling.

The next day, the community's bylaw officer rounded up eight stray dogs and shot them all.

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