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'There is a serious risk to the safety of the public.'

RCMP issues warning about sex offender in Iqaluit


The RCMP are warning the public that a repeat sex offender has been released from prison and now lives in Iqaluit.

Roonie Iqalukjuak, 33, was released from Ontario's Kingston Penitentiary Aug. 1 after serving three years and nine months for numerous crimes, including sexual assault.

"Iqalukjuak has a history of using extreme violence and he poses a high risk to reoffend," police said in a news release.

"The RCMP believe there is a serious risk to the safety of the public."

Iqalukjuak stands five feet, seven inches tall, and weighs 217 pounds. He has brown eyes, black hair, and tattoos on each forearm.

He sat quietly in court Aug. 8 and shook his head to indicate a "no" answer when asked by a justice of the peace if he had anything to say.

Crown lawyers seeking a 12-month recognizance order that would control Iqalukjuak's actions were unable to get one Aug. 8 because no judge was available.

A justice of the peace instead issued an order that Iqalukjuak keep the peace and be of good behaviour until Sept. 3. He'll then appear before a judge, who may impose further conditions.

During arguments, Crown lawyer Jeanette Gevikoglu said Iqalukjuak has a lengthy and violent criminal record and problems with alcohol. His most recent convictions was for "a brutal sexual assault on a stranger in [Iqaluit]," she said.

Anusha Aruliah, Iqalukjuak's legal aid lawyer, told court her client has served his time and cannot be punished any further.

"No crime has been committed," Aruliah said. "It is fundamentally contrary to the administration of justice" to impose conditions on someone who has served their sentence.

Gevikoglu said Iqalukjuak has no money and nowhere to live and in an interview admitted authorities don't know what he will do while awaiting his September hearing.

She said Iqalukjuak is not designated as a dangerous offender, which would allow authorities to keep him in prison indefinitely.

Mounties said they released Iqalukjuak's information to allow the public to "take suitable precautionary measures," and urged against "any form of vigilante action."

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