A big thanks from the Atagoyuk family


I would like to say thank you to the people who came and donated to us.

A big thanks to Jay Wisintainer for the insulation, plastic and staples, and for the help he gave my husband to install insulation on the roof. Thank you to QIA for insulation, plastic, plywood and nails. Thank you to NCC for the heater they provided us.

And a really big thanks to Uqsuq Corp. for the kerosene and naptha fuel. Thank you to Rebecca Veevee and her husband Jacques for more insulation and carpeting. And to the elders home, mainly Elisapee Gordon and driver Mishakie Killukishak, thank you for all their generous help from the beginning when we became homeless.

Thank you to the family members of ours who let us sleep over when we had no fuel. Sorry to anyone I did not name but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you also to Jim Bell for writing the article.

Veronica, Soloman, Steven and Annie Lucy Atagoyuk

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