A “Solidarity Accord” in the works?


The Kativik School Board and Makivik Corporation have struck a new working group that will try to resolve the differences arising from the “Amiqqaalauta — Let us share” report on self-government.

Last December, the KSB filed a court action designed to stop negotiations from proceeding, based on the Nunavik Commission’s report.

According to a press release sent out by the KSB, the working group will work on a “Solidarity Accord,” that will “bring the members of the Nunavik Party together to present a united front when negotiating self-government.”

A joint meeting held last month in Kuujjuaq approved the creation of a six-member working group, with Sarah Aloupa, Alacie Nalukuturuk and Markusi Qinuajuak from the KSB and Adamie Alaku, George Berthe and Jobie Tukkiapik from Makivik.

Former Makivik president Zebedee Nungak will act as the school board’s advisor, while George Koneak will participate as elder and governor on behalf of Makivik.

KSB spokesperson Debbie Astroff said the court case still stands, but it will be dropped if this working group can strike a compromise agreeable to all parties.

The working group plans to meet on Apr. 30 in Kuujjuaq.

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