Above the expedition

Adventure guide Renée-Claude Bastien used a drone to snap this photo during the Nurrait Jeunes Karibus expedition in Ivujivik, which took place from April 14 to 19. The Nunavik-based youth program organizes several on-the-land activities for young people across the region. According to Hugo Dufresne, the organization’s general manager, this past winter was the first since before the COVID-19-pandemic that Jeunes Karibus was able to organize major on-the-land experiences. (Photo courtesy of Renée-Claude Bastien)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Charlie on

    As one of the guides, this was a lot of fun! I can only hope to do the job again in foreseeable future. Thank you K.I., D.N.D Jr. Rgr cpl, and nurrait. This is great for the young and thier health. Great job Renee.

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