Active COVID-19 cases surpass 200 in Nunavik

Salluit remains under lockdown with 142 active cases

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services reported a total of 212 active COVID-19 cases in the region on Tuesday. (Graphic by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik is now reporting 212 active cases of COVID-19, with 23 new cases added on Tuesday.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services says the majority of active cases are in Salluit and Kangirsuk, which are reporting 142 and 52 active cases, respectively.

The health board has reported an additional 11 recoveries since Monday.

Kuujjuaq, Salluit and Kangirsuk remain under a “red-alert” lockdown, while the rest of the region is under “orange” restrictions.

The health board has been pushing for more people to get vaccinated in Nunavik. Only 59 per cent of the eligible population, ages 12 and up, are vaccinated with two doses, according to a Facebook post by the health board last week.

“The importance of adequate protection has been expressed time and again,” the health board said on Facebook. “Getting vaccinated will improve the situation and the risk of severe complications from receiving it are practically insignificant.”

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Why In the world on

    It’s always someone is really sick that people see ok this is not good wake up people

  2. Posted by Our situation on

    Our situation in Nunavik is not good as reported. Yes, more vaccination needed. But the information coming from the authorities here in Nunavik is not a complete picture compared to what other residents in other parts of the country would normally have access to. Take kuujjuaq, The reports of the day come in two sources: one source comes from the mayor or representative on fm radio, who cautions people that his numbers are not what the Nunavik Regional board might report later in the day. Wonder where he gets his information, and why do the mayor need to report a number of cases, and thereafter the Health board reports their cases. Where does the mayor and health board get their numbers, is it different or same sources. Little bit weird. We have no breakdown of the demographics of the situation either. We just have numbers with a promise from the health board that more information is forthcoming. But it never comes. As the right to be informed, we are not informed. No mention of age groups affected, no mention of if the infected are vaccinated or not, no mention of if any hospitalizations. And no professional to give out the news, other then a retired nurse who is on both the municipality’s board and the Regional health board, that’s good, but where’s our public health doctor? People got no way to ask questions , other than a mumble jumbo comment line on Facebook, which appear to be screened out in which comment can be put on or not. We’re kind of left out of the information that we have a right to. Some people are not aware that we have rights to that information, and are just accepting what’s reported, which no awareness to the need for details. Detailed information will better educate the population to participate in the fight to beat this virus with the power of knowledge. Why are the authorities keeping the demographics from the population? What’s the fear? It could and it will help to know everything about what’s happening, with respect given to privacy off course.

  3. Posted by Sallumiuk on

    Stop the spread of the COVID Virus Sallumiut by staying at home. This is serious, it kills. The Virus is thriving among the young, only target, is to kill the immune system of the human body. The people you love will die if you do not listen to the restrictions. The spread of the Virus will ease, only if you stay home.
    Stay Safe by staying at home.

  4. Posted by Just because we are still lacking answers on

    Just because you see the numbers go down, don’t let your guard do the same. Stay vigilant. So many people come back from the south and are too anxious to bust open a bottle with friends and gather. If you are not vaccinated and returning north, quarantine. If you’re vaccinated and returning north, go get tested after you return home.

    There are ways around this virus. Our poor people have so many vulnerable bodies and it’s so hard watching our close knit region fighting amongst each other over covid because, the unvaccinated don’t feel free as they once were. Once we start working together, once we have a plan to start working together **hint hint NRBHSS** we will find solutions to the distrust that the unvaccinated and vaccinated have against each other and for the vaccine itself. You can’t just go blacklisting people from everyday life over this when you don’t offer simple answers like “how many of the vaccinated were amongst the infected?”. When you can’t answer a question like that, it makes me wonder if I got the vaccines for nothing.

  5. Posted by Are we in trouble? on

    Nunavik, Nunavik, time to get up. Awake that is. The numbers are climbing, 274 today, November 7, as by the regional board Facebook page. I think Salluit and Kangirsuk needs help today, not tomorrow or next week. Red Cross! With akulivik now in the picture, time to watch carefully Puvirnituq and akulivik together. Kuujjuaq is the town to watch most. There’s less compliance in kuujjuaq then other places. More parties, more truck and car loads of intoxicated driving around 24/7. More drugs and the dealers that go with it. More public places, the stores are crammed packed, even drunks are inline. The fact that covid went and came back again ivujivik is worth it’s concerns also, but all Nunavik communities need stricter protocol, and vaccination. Right now it’s a almost out of control, if we don’t see stricter interventions and more vaccines taken. Theses parties and intoxicated gatherings got to have more policing and the store line ups has to be dealt with.


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