After running against each other for MLA, Pond Inlet pair face off for mayor seat

Council, district education authority and alcohol education committee all acclaimed

The candidates for mayor of Pond Inlet are Joshua Arreak and David Qamaniq. (File photo)

By Jorge Antunes

Leading up to Nunavut’s Oct. 23 municipal elections, Nunatsiaq News is publishing snapshots of races in the territory’s 25 communities.

Two former territorial election opponents are competing again, this time in the race to be elected mayor of Pond Inlet.

Joshua Arreak is going up against David Qamaniq, after the two ran against each other in 2021 for the Tununiq riding seat in Nunavut’s legislature. They both lost to MLA Karen Nutarak.

Municipal elections are set for Oct. 23 in all communities across Nunavut.

Arreak, the hamlet’s incumbent mayor, is hoping for a third term at the municipal helm. Arreak has a long history in municipal politics, serving as a council member for 20 years.

Qamaniq is a former mayor of Pond Inlet, former Nunavut MLA for the Tununiq riding and was a member of the local district education authority for 12 years.

Neither candidate responded to requests for interviews for this story.

Also in Monday’s municipal election, all of Pond Inlet’s council is acclaimed. Its members are Joshua Idlout, Elisirie Peterloosie, Guy Nutarariaq, Moses E. Koonark, Kadloo Cornelius Nutarak and Sharon Ootook.

After the first call for nominations for the district education authority resulted in no nominees stepping forward, the call was extended to the following week. Boazie Ootoova and Susie Simonee have since been acclaimed.

Mark Nutarak and Phanuel Enooagak have been acclaimed to Pond Inlet’s alcohol education committee.


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    Those who brought in sickness and illnesses today remember that it is Inuit community. Those sickness were not from Inuit, today Inuit are also included towards health care and education system which were not apart of Inuit heritage. Now Inuit are also losing their careers and jobs over health care system which were directed to non Inuit.


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