Akeeagok, Trudeau discuss housing, devolution and defence in Ottawa

Territory’s cabinet in nation’s capital for ‘Nunavut on the Hill’ meetings

Nunavut Premier P.J. Akeeagok, left, meets with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Trudeau’s Parliament Hill office Tuesday afternoon. Akeeagok and the territory’s cabinet are in Ottawa this week for a series of working meetings dubbed “Nunavut on the Hill.” In a joint statement published on the Prime Minister’s website, the two leaders said they discussed housing, health care, defence and continued devolution of powers to Nunavut. (Photo courtesy of P.J. Akeeagok/Twitter)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by hermann kliest on

    Perhaps if we tie-in the housing crisis in Nunavut to a current war in Europe, JT and his gang might be able to act on this Nunavut emergency….To date, Canadians are moved into back burner, it’s getting bad to be administered by Liberals today. Has anyone else see a very long line-up for Food Bank allocations in Toronto? We were proud Canadians once.

    • Posted by Up here on

      You are so right. We are fibbed to as billions flow out the door. Truduche had done nothing good for Canada!

  2. Posted by Raven on

    With widespread failures in local housing, health, education, increasing food security and growing infrastructure deficits, talk of devolution only serves to distract Nunavummiut.

    The GN must call the auditor general to audit and review the executive department’s consulting and communications budgets.

    White southern consultants are getting rich from Nunavut’s dysfunctional government and local poverty.

    The premier looks like a junior mid-range association director engaging in mediocre lobbying tactics instead of the premier of a territorial government competently directing and engaging in intergovernmental relations.

    The premier and his cabinet have been reduced to conventional “lobby days” because Nunavut’s proper intergovernmental relations are failing in Justin Trudeau’s Ottawa.

    Nunavummiut deserve much better, and the land claim agreement promised much more.

  3. Posted by Ian on

    PJ sure it’s a photo op but, at least he is trying to advance Nunavuts agenda, and the PM has to try and listen, baby steps keep up the the slow and steady, the PM may throw us something better than nothing

  4. Posted by YCO on

    leave the premier and deputy premier in ottawa. they do nothing for nunavummiut. completely clueless.


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