Overheated electronic device causes apartment fire

City issues reminder to ventilate devices while they are charging

Iqaluit’s emergency services department put out a fire at an apartment in the Plateau subdivision early Tuesday morning. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The City of Iqaluit issued a reminder about the importance of ventilating electronic devices while they are being charged after an overheated device caused an apartment fire early Tuesday morning.

City communications manager Lisa Milosavljevic said an overheated device is believed to be the cause of the fire in the 5100 block of the Plateau subdivision.

Batteries in cellphones and tablets store energy and require ventilation to allow heat to dissipate, according to a news release the city issued.

People should not charge devices under a pillow, on a bed, on a couch or in direct sunlight. Cool, hard surfaces are a safer option to reduce fire risk.

Iqaluit emergency services, including 11 firefighters, three fire trucks and two ambulances quickly extinguished the fire, the city’s news release said.

Working fire alarms and sprinkler system allowed the tenants to get out quickly and safely.
There were no injuries reported and the tenants were able to return to their home within an hour of the fire.

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  1. Posted by Cathy on

    This is a very timely reminder no matter where you live. I am guilty of recharging my Kindle in a wooden slotted storage area on the side of a small table. Point well taken and thanks.

  2. Posted by Unsafe Cords on

    Yes, don’t bury your charging devices under pillows or in enclosed spaces BUT also don’t use damaged or cheap charging cables. If the cable is frayed or the cord is separating from the connector or charging block DO NOT use it. The cheap quality of some chargers also contributes to fire hazards. If you can, use a cable from the manufacturer of the device you are charging, or at least a well-known brand name, not the cheapest one on the shelf.

    • Posted by China 2025 on

      Made in China. Watch out!

      • Posted by QIA Hotel on

        Waiting to see what happens with the Made in China QIA hotel in Iqaluit. How long before it catches on fire too?

        • Posted by China on

          The last time I ordered an ipad from Apple store, it was shipped to me from China.
          It was a good product, but not as good as the ones made in Apex.

          • Posted by China 2025 on

            Made in China = not good! China has plans for everything to be made in China by 2025. They want to monopolize everything. Google Made in China 2025.


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