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Can anyone from First Air justify for me the need for charging such insane fares for flights into and out of Nanisivik? Anyone?

I was quoted a price of $4565.75 on First Air’s website to fly return from Nanisivik to Ottawa.

This is quite simply pathetic. Honestly, how can First Air justify this?

What is the logic, or lack thereof, behind coming up with a fare like this? Can you not be honest just for once and simply admit that these fares stem from nothing other than pure greed?

Truly, I would love to know an answer. I’ve written my MLA and fully intend to contact First Air, Nunavut’s transportation minister, our MP and the prime minister regarding this flagrant social injustice.

Honestly, First Air, enjoy your nice little monopoly. You people make me sick!

Darcy Steele
Arctic Bay

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