Asphalt plant leaking oil, city says


The city of Iqaluit wants Baffin Building Systems to close its asphalt plant and clean up oil spills at the site.

That’s because between 1,500 to 2,000 cubic metres of soil have been contaminated with petroleum around the immediate area, according to a motion passed by council after an in camera sitting on Nov. 22.

The city plans to bill the company for the cost of managing, monitoring and cleaning up the mess. It will also order the company to dismantle and remove the plant by July 1, 2006, under the direction of federal and territorial regulators. These plans are all subject to legal approval from the city’s lawyers.

The asphalt plant is located in North 40, the city’s abandoned metal dump and its current source of gravel. BBS built the plant several years ago after winning a contract to pave the city’s streets.

The council motion passed unanimously. BBS did not return phone calls before Nunatsiaq News press-time the next day.

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