Baker Lake plebiscite rejects alcohol purchase controls

Results of Monday’s vote fall short of 60 per cent support needed to change

The results of an Elections Nunavut plebiscite held Monday in Baker Lake mean the community’s unrestricted access to purchase alcohol continues. (Image courtesy of Elections Nunavut)

By Nunatsiaq News

The results of a liquor plebiscite held Monday in Baker Lake mean that the community’s current unrestricted system for alcohol purchases will continue, according to the outcome published by Elections Nunavut.

The number of votes in favour of re-instating an alcohol education committee stood at 54 per cent, short of the 60 per cent threshold needed to enact any changes under Nunavut’s Liquor Act.

An alcohol education committee is responsible for promoting alcohol awareness and education, as well as regulating the purchase, sale and import of alcohol in the community.

In 2018, eligible voters in Baker Lake decided to eliminate the committee in the community of about 2,100.

A total of 336 people cast votes in the plebiscite, with 182 voting to reinstate the committee and 154 voting no.

Three ballots were rejected, and voter turnout stood at 32.5 per cent, Elections Nunavut said.

Another plebiscite can be held in three years, according to the liquor act.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Inuk on

    Sugar + yeast = alcohol
    And looks like the old boot leggier will still have a hand there

  2. Posted by Common Sense on

    A big win for the people of Qamani’tuamiut. Bootleggers are the only ones that really want restrictions because it means more money in their pockets.

  3. Posted by Voter Turnout on

    Voter turn out about booze restrictions is higher then KIA elections……….

    • Posted by terry on

      Who is the KIA,

  4. Posted by Piitaqanngi on

    Good for you Baker Lake. We don’t need another rubber stamp Committee in Nunavut. They don’t even educate or raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol.

  5. Posted by promoter for better life on

    Baker Lake plebiscite rejects? It clearly shows by the numbers how people feel about the unrestricted purchase of alcohol in this community. If the few more voted, it would have changed the status situation to restricted purchases. The voter turn out is poor because it was not advertised. We were given even less than a month to have hamlet council to announce it. It would have been interesting see how domestic abuse, apprehended children, alcohol-related suicides, elder abuse cases since it became unrestricted. Give us 10 more years then give us alcoholic-related crimes, domestic abuse & suicides, then maybe our GN will finally see the negative impacts from alcohol & beer & wines stores. It’s a shame how our own government don’t see what goes on in their land they sworn to serve to the best of their ability.

    • Posted by Larry on

      It was advertised lots,I seen it and voted yes,I asked people if they were going to vote, they didn’t care,and the 67 percent who did not vote, quit complaining,the people have spoken,now we all have to live with the negative result,we did it to ourselves voter apathy in every election leadership.


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