Be careful on Frobisher Bay while ice breaker works this week, says City of Iqaluit

CCGS Henry Larsen providing escort to 2 tanker ships

CCGS Henry Larsen escorts a fuel tanker through the ice of Frobisher Bay towards Iqaluit in 2012. (Photo courtesy of Environment Canada)

By Nunatsiaq News

People in Iqaluit should be careful when travelling on Frobisher Bay this week because a coast guard ice breaker is working in the area.

The City of Iqaluit issued a public service announcement Tuesday advising that the CCGS Henry Larsen is escorting two tanker ships into Iqaluit’s harbour.

The Henry Larsen will remain in the bay this week, providing ice-breaking efforts as needed, until the tankers leave the area. That is expected to be between Dec. 3 and 5, according to the city’s statement.

“The ice breaker will be leaving an open water track during this time,” states the public service announcement.

The public service announcement provides a contact with the Canadian Coast Guard for anybody who has questions, concerns, or wants to let the coast guard know of any activity going on in the area while the ice breaker is there.

Holly Fraser, with the coast guard, can be reached at [email protected] or (343) 552-7243.

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(15) Comments:

  1. Posted by Putting this out there on

    Why is the Fuel being delivered so late in the season?
    Why did so many communities get fuel so late in Nunavut?

    • Posted by Up Here on

      There were delays and queues at the refineries. Delayed shipments all across North America and Europe due to repair shutdowns and price timing and energy market volatility.

  2. Posted by Hunter on

    I’m curious why the fuel supply is so late this year, they have gone to some communities very late and luckily it has been a mild fall/winter until now.

    If it were a colder winter they would be luck to make it in ok.

    What gives? Why is it so late this year?

  3. Posted by Eyes and ears on

    You don’t follow why this is as so much mining has priority and this will keep going on,
    Christmas in December for Iqaluit higher cost soon.

    Eyes and ears

    • Posted by John K on

      So this is the fault of the mining industry too?

      • Posted by Putting this out there on

        Well my mind also asked… How are they allowed to do that? was there consultation and approval for an Ice Breaker at this time of year? I am pretty sure the ice is formed to the point that BIM had to stop shipping.
        Also i get that Iqaluit needs fuel so it is necessary… but why is it so late to make it necessary?

        • Posted by Devil’s Avocado on

          NLCA 12.12.2:
          Shipping associated with project proposals in the Nunavut Settlement Area shall be subject to this Article.
          However, normal community resupply or individual ship movements not associated with project proposals shall not be subject to Parts 4, 5 and 6.

          • Posted by Confused on

            John 3:16

    • Posted by Carl on

      For Baffinland, they are not allowed to ship when ice is forming, but the GN and coastguard can break through ice with their late planning.
      Mining companies are regulated so much they can’t sneeze without approval.

    • Posted by Devil’s Avocado on

      No, I don’t follow why this is as your comment is incoherent to the point of being indecipherable.

      • Posted by UninformJoe on

        Your right,I can’t understand what they saying,one guy blame late shipping on mining,the other guy pulls out set or strange rules that no one understand and at the end of it all not trusty and comprehensive answer just weird talk. .Would be nice if in that news article it would explain why so late for the boat to come Iqaluit,just curious about,why,not mad about it,just want to know why?

  4. Posted by Confused on

    An ice breaker did that in our community now we have to wait for the ice to be safe again 🙁

    • Posted by Let’s be less confused on

      Did they do it for fun, or was there a reason for it?

      • Posted by Confused on

        ” Let’s be less confused” what this article about?

  5. Posted by Hunter on

    Read the article folks two tankers are heading to Iqaluit one for the Government and the other possibility for the City of Iqaluit,
    And hike up all across Nunavut December 4th $0.20 .

    Eyes dropped

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