Booze can boss calls in sick



IQALUIT — Iqaluit booze can boss Joe Morneau was unable to make it to his Jan. 26 summary trial on charges that of selling liquor without a licence.

Morneau’s lawyer, Euan MacKay, told the court that his client was ill and had to go to the hospital.

“He’s had bypass surgery before and has quite a serious heart condition,” MacKay said. MacKay told the court a doctor at the hospital had performed an ECG on Morneau, and asked that Morneau return to the hospital in the afternoon.

The matter was set over to Jan. 28.

Morneau was arrested for the Liquor Act violation in April 1999 after police raided his West 40 property which was home to the Explorers’ Club.

Morneau was a founding member of the club and has said he acted as the club’s manager.

Penalties for selling liquor without a permit range from a minimum $500 fine to a maximum fine of $5,000 and a possible six-month jail term.

Last week, hearings into whether Morneau violated municipal bylaws while operating the club were set over to March, after MacKay attempted to have the testimony of two municipal bylaw officers excluded.

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