Breakfast program feeds minds


Every day, between 54 and 63 students, or 25 per cent of all students, take advantage of the free breakfast program at Aqsarniit Middle School.

Aqsarniit was the first Iqaluit school to complete a report on how it uses funding from the Canadian Auto Workers union to provide a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks to students in need. The Iqaluit District Education Authority is compiling the reports to encourage the CAW to continue its $25,000 a year funding.

The breakfast program at Aqsarniit is actually called the “Breakfast and Check-in,” the report notes, because along with the breakfast each child get a “H.U.G.” That stands for a “Hello (H), how are you (U) today, and hope you have a good (G) day.”

The kids in the program don’t want to talk to adults one-on-one, but they will talk to them when doing something else, or talk to one another while an adult listens, the report says. That provides a nurturing way to start the day, “much needed for success in school and in life.”

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