Candidate wants to serve Iqaluit residents

City’s inefficiencies prompted former Newfoundlander to run for city council



Candidate Brad Hall, who describes himself as a political enthusiast, wants do what municipal councils are elected to do: serve residents.

“It’s always interested me: serving the people and doing what the people want,” Hall said in an interview.

The 30-year-old is a strong believer in democracy and listening to the citizens’ wants and needs. After watching city council’s actions over the past year, Hall is worried council is no longer following Iqalungmiut’s wishes.

He’s ready to step in and change things. “Council has to be responsive to people’s wishes,” he said.

While his interest in politics goes back years, this is Hall’s first time running in a political race.

Hall, who is the office manager at Ninety North Construction Ltd., is running in the municipal byelection because he wants to make some serious improvements to Iqaluit.

When he arrived in the capital city last July, he was shocked by some of the city’s inefficiencies.

“I was amazed by how much garbage is lying around on the streets. This doesn’t happen in any other capital city. I was amazed by the lack of paved roads. I was amazed that garbage is burned in an open pit,” said Hall, who is originally from St. John’s, Nfld.

Iqaluit isn’t business-oriented enough either, Hall said, and that means the city is losing out on potential tax dollars. Iqaluit will never get the money it needs to pay for key infrastructure if it doesn’t look for new ways of generating revenue, he said.

“Currently you can’t come in here and start up a business. If we don’t attract businesses, we won’t get the dollars.”

In addition, Iqaluit city council should push for funding for capital projects. “They should be a little more aggressive in getting federal and territorial dollars,” he said.

Hall knows exactly what he wants to accomplish as a city councillor. “I want the wishes of the people to be met. I want businesses to be attracted to Iqaluit. And I want the infrastructure here that’s needed to attract those businesses.”

“I have the enthusiasm and desire to get this done. I’m a service-oriented person and I think it takes a service-oriented person to get this done,” Hall said.

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