Chemical spill reported near Qikiqtani hospital

Government agencies were on scene to address the spill, according to city statement

A spill of propylene glycol, a substance that absorbs liquid, occurred near the hospital, the City of Iqaluit reported Tuesday night. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

A propylene glycol spill occurred near the Qikiqtani General Hospital, a City of Iqaluit news release issued by communications manager Aleksey Cameron on Tuesday night said.

Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid that absorbs water, according to the United States National Library of Medicine’s website.

The spill happened as a result of the work on a sewer upgrade project that was being completed by city contractors, the city’s release said.

A pipeline system used for heating a part of the city was affected and Qulliq Energy Corporation closed the affected pipeline system to prevent any further spill.

Various contractors and agencies were at the site on Tuesday evening to contain and clean up the spill.

The City also notified Nunavut’s Department of Environment of the spill and its staff were providing support.

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Propylene glycol can be found in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products and is “relatively non-toxic to humans and wildlife,” the city release said.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Little town with big city issues on

    Never a dull moment in this poor excuse for a City. Has a population of around 8000 residents, yet there seems is always one issue after another. Never ending! Pretty sure less issues in Cities with ten times the population. Where’s Matt Dillon when you need him, just a bunch of Miss Kitty and Festus!!..lol
    Still cannot wrap my head around why the City would shut down all recreation facilities and direct staff to water delivery. Hire a sub contractor to do it, or students trying to raise money for a trip or graduation for god sakes. Anything logical the City does opposite!! Give your heads a shake.

    • Posted by Bert Rose on

      Clearly you are not a rate payer for the city.
      It is not just a question of turn on the taps and money flows – distributing water is a site more important than standing watching people exercise.
      redeploying staff is a smart idea.

      • Posted by standing around? on

        watching people exercise? I have been to the gym in the evening and there is no staff in the gym? except the cleaners and the desk staff upstairs. City could have opened it on limited hours such as in the evening and not close it entirely. I agree with the comment about mental health as well. People exercise for a lot of different reasons, not just to lose weight!

    • Posted by Nubiya on

      I am disappointed that the City would close most recreational programming, what are Iqaluit residents supposed to do now to promote their MENTAL HEALTH?!?
      In the summer, the City tried to shut softball down, and now this…

      • Posted by Aputi on

        Walk to water distribution, and use the jugs as weights, 2 birds with one stone

  2. Posted by Vape it away. on

    PG is one of the main ingredients in e-cigarette e-juice. Get the local vapers down there to top up their tanks!

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