Child dies, 3 other passengers injured in Arviat ATV incident

RCMP investigating late Wednesday crash

RCMP are investigating after a child died and three other people were injured in an ATV accident late Wednesday in Arviat. (File photo)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The RCMP is investigating after a child died and three other people were injured in an ATV incident late Wednesday night in Arviat.

In a news release, the RCMP said officers were called to the scene of the incident on 7th Avenue around 11 p.m. Two adults and two children were on the ATV at the time of the incident, the release said.

All of the passengers were injured, and one of the children was later pronounced dead at the health centre. Police did not provide the age of the child or of the other passengers.

“Our thoughts are with the family and the community during this very difficult time,” the RCMP said in the release.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by I live in the Arctic on

    Very sad to hear.

  2. Posted by Sad and preventable on

    Sad for sure, but a child or anyone really clinging on an Atv as a passenger is the usual scene. If anyone wants to see preventable accidents waiting to happen, look around next time you’re out and about. Atv used as a family vehicle loaded with adults and kids , it’s stupid. Another thing common, at least I see it in Nunavik, kid in mothers lap, while mother drives truck, or kid on mother back. People really are unaware.

    • Posted by Not surprised on

      I totally agree. I lived up North for many years, and at times I would check to see what was the maximum number of people on a ATV, and I think it was eight. I’m sure none were wearing helmets. There just isn’t enough RCMP to monitor the nightly racing around town and it just seems the way things are done in the North. Sadly, these accidents will continue to happen if something doesn’t change..

    • Posted by Oh Ima on

      Not a time to lecture.

      • Posted by Wait for more deaths first. on

        Your comment is pathetic. You are part of the problem we see here in the north. An innocent kid was fatally injured, and you are using that to cover the reality and approval of these behaviours to continue. Don’t allow the little kid to die in vain. It’s something of teaching and learning that we can all have from this terrible tragedy. Remove yourself from comments, if your are so inappropriately unaware.

  3. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    such a needless tragedy.

    from children as young as 8 driving an ATV with no helmet, entire family on an ATV and very old ones which should be taken off the road because they are not safe, it’s just a taste of things you see in the north.

    don’t get me wrong, we are taught from a young age to handle ATV’s and Snowmobiles. but safely. hunting with snowmobiles and driving ATV’s and manual clutch ones. but done with helmets and adult supervision.

    now you see children on mini atv’s driving through neighbourhoods with no parents to be seen. a family on an ATV, 2 kids on the front rack, Dad driving, Mom with a kid in the amauti, kid on the back rack and 2 kids on the side rear fenders. and none of them wearing helmets.

    seriously people, wake the hell up.

  4. Posted by Northern Guy on

    A senseless and unnecessary tragedy

  5. Posted by 867 on

    The “Arviat news” Facebook page seems to lay blame on the RCMP for failing to arrest all the bootleggers and allowing alcohol to come into the community. If in fact the driver was drunk, the driver is the one that crashed the ATV, not the alcohol. Blaming alcohol is like blaming Terrorists for the Gulf War (instead of oil).

    Nunavut needs a real slap in the face regarding ATV and snowmobile safety. ATV’s are not meant to carry passengers, and they should all be registered and insured with helmet use strictly enforced. Sadly, by-law usually can’t be bothered because they’re too busy driving around sightseeing.

    • Posted by Churchill MB on

      I have to agree with you 867. Blaming everyone else other then the person who was operating the ATV doesn’t make any sense.

      I’ve always notice that people get upset with the police or by-law when they get pulled over for having too many people on a ATV or when they are not wearing helmets.

      This is not the first tragedy in that beautiful community, hopefully people start to obey the safety laws.

      Condolence to the family 🙁

  6. Posted by Of problems nature. on

    Yes indeed, people feel insulted when it’s pointed out that they’re misusing the the Atv , when piled on with clinging and clingers. And speeding dangerously. The insults felt are such that the reaction from the culprits goes back negatively to the ones pointing it out, and it thereby prevents any further pointing out, due to the people refusing to be afraid of shaming the culprits. When in fact it’s a misunderstanding of shaming, it’s actually educational , rather than shaming. There you have the vicious circle of no progressive learning, and the behaviours win, and continue to cause injury and death.

  7. Posted by John WP Murphy on

    I am waiting for a similar result in Kugluktuk.
    Very few wearing helmets. Babies desperately hanging on.
    Often multiple riders.
    Only a matter of time before you kill your child.


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