City of Iqaluit stops accepting metal waste at landfill

City says amount already there causing safety hazard for staff, visitors

Metal waste is not being accepted at the Iqaluit landfill because the amount already there is creating a safety hazard, states a news release from the City of Iqaluit. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit has stopped accepting metal at the city landfill temporarily.

The city made the announcement Tuesday, citing the amount of metal waste already on site is creating a safety risk for staff and the public.

Staff are working to reduce and organize the volume of metal that’s there now so the landfill can begin accepting metal waste again at some point in the future.

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Out there on

    lol, yes, best left in peoples yards. Invest in a crusher and fill seacans to the brim and send them down for recycling. (There is actually money to be made here) There is no good reason for not doing this.

  2. Posted by mr tunik on

    lol why is it there is no blasting furnace or electric arc furnace? all this metal can be repurposed to make housing piles and maybe even help drive cost down for building a home….

    nunavut lacks Serious Innovation and i blame government for their old way of thinking….

    prime example, sending people south for medical instead of retro fitting the hospital we have now in Iqaluit to be able to handle stuff that southern hospitals do. over the last 10 years, how much has been spent on medical travel ? bet you its an astonishing amount of money.

    that ” we cant afford it” mentality is garbage

    • Posted by Nadia on

      I’m sure your heart’s in the right place mr tunik, but are you seriously suggesting that a factory for steel pipe should be built in Iqaluit? I don’t think the business case for that would be particularly optimistic, to say the least.

      A multitude of specialists should reside in Iqaluit to provide services at the hospital that could be provided much more cheaply (yes!) by flying patients out to major centres? Not very fiscally responsible, I’d say.

      And if, as Out there says, “there is money to be made…” then someone will do it. Why not you? Get rich quick on scrap metal. Or would you prefer that someone else lose their shirt?

  3. Posted by Waste disposal new site on

    Our city officials don’t think we’ll for our future,
    How many kilometers again for the new site to open soon Inna year or two 8 kilometers north,

    A bad accident to happen winter season garbage to be seen all over the land,

    Open up the old Metal dump again start cleaning the old site dig deeper start clean ship out well sorted out metal,

    Sounds to good to think we’ll without engineering involved too many bodies of regulatory processes to deal without care.

    Old site watch

  4. Posted by DumpCano here on

    Me hungry again

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