Coast guard launches icebreakers for Arctic work

Seven vessels will be deployed from June through November to support northern navigation

By Nunatsiaq News

The Canadian Coast Guard has launched its annual Arctic operational season, with seven icebreakers scheduled to deploy from June through November.

Three have already departed, including CCGS Terry Fox, which left St. John’s, N.L., on June 19 for icebreaking and to aid navigation in the Iqaluit area navigational corridor.

CCGS Pierre Radisson, meanwhile, left Quebec City June 25 and is providing icebreaking, navigational aids, maintenance, and refuelling Killiniq station in Nunavut as well as the Bedford Institute of Oceanography science mission.

A third icebreaker, CCGS Des Groseilliers, which will refuel the remote Eureka station in Nunavut as well as Canadian Hydrographic Service surveys, left Quebec City on June 29.

Next to depart will be CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier, leaving Victoria, B.C. on July 6 for icebreaking, navigation assistance and science programming.

Along with the icebreakers, the coast guard reopened its marine communication and traffic services centre in Iqaluit in May, and its inshore rescue boat station in Rankin Inlet on June 29, to provide local maritime search and rescue services during the summer.

Along with shipping crews, the icebreakers will include a number of government and academic researchers and hydrographers who will carry out new or ongoing scientific projects and surveys.


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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by MARK Seidenberg on

    It states that these Icebrakers can carry
    academic researchers in addition to the crew or government employees. How many academic researchers can these ship carry?

  2. Posted by Frank on

    “… launches …”? That would imply that they had been in dry-dock or were brand-new ships.

    ” DEPLOYS” might be a better choice of words.

    • Posted by PATRICK Toomey on

      The season was launched, not the ships so the terminology is perfectly correct.. Captain Patrick R M Toomey, Canadian Coast Guard (Retired).

      • Posted by Frank on

        The headline says the launched the icebreakers, not that they launched “the season”.

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