Customer accounts open for forthcoming Rankin Inlet beer and wine store

New store expected to open ‘sometime this fall’

Rankin Inlet residents will need to setup up accounts with the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission to buy alcohol from the forthcoming beer and wine store, expected to open sometime this fall. The store will be housed within the current liquor warehouse attached to the Siniktarvik Hotel. (File photo by Sarah Rogers)

By Madalyn Howitt

The Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission is encouraging people in Rankin Inlet to set up accounts for purchasing alcohol from the community’s forthcoming beer and wine store.

However, the commission has yet to announce an official date for when that store will open.

Rankin Inlet residents have been waiting more than four years for a beer and wine store, after people in the community voted in May 2017 to approve retail beer and wine sales.

Rankin Inlet’s beer and wine store will be the second in Nunavut. A retail outlet opened in Iqaluit in 2017 as a pilot project and will remain open permanently.

In an email to Nunatsiaq News, NULC director Dan Young said staff have been hired and trained, but construction of the store, which began this summer, is still not complete.

He said the commission plans to open the store “sometime this fall.”

Young acknowledged there is some tension around retail alcohol sales in the community.

“We understand that not everyone is pleased with a store opening in Rankin Inlet, and we respect that many struggle with alcohol and the harms it causes,” he said.

“We also recognize that a large majority of voters voted in favour of opening a store that sells lower-alcohol products.”

Young said making beer and wine more available is part of a larger effort to discourage binge drinking of hard liquor, and that he’s confident the store will serve Rankin Inlet “professionally and responsibly.”

Customers interested in setting up an account for the Rankin Inlet store can download an application from the Department of Finance’s website or pick an application up in person from the NULC office at the community’s Siniktarvik building.

Customers must show proof they are over 19 with a government-issued photo ID along with their application.

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(21) Comments:

  1. Posted by “sometime this fall” on

    Fall started 6 weeks ago and ends in 6 weeks. In other words it will open before xmas?

  2. Posted by articrick on

    Outdated beer, hope there’s a discount sale whenever it does open. Yummy

  3. Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

    God Luck Rankin Inlet. You have no idea what you have done to your community,

    • Posted by Chad Taipana on

      Thanks lol

  4. Posted by Old timer on

    So I will need a friend in Rankin to buy me some beer when I’m there for a week ?

    • Posted by Out of Towners on

      No, you can set up an account even if you’re not from Rankin Inlet.

  5. Posted by Look at a Community about same size on

    In the ideal world , access to beer, wine and all other alcohol is a privilege, but it destroys the not so ideal settings, due to negligence. Rankin Inlet is in for a rough ride towards misery. Just look at kuujjuaq Quebec, and Puvirnituq, Quebec . Kuujjuaq is a give or take same size town as Rankin. Since the coop store started selling beer , it’s downhill all the way. First of all , the money, the profit goes to the higher head office. It’s all profit on the misery of the people. Nothing comes back to the community, other then a wool put over the face of the dividend receiver , who are fooled into believing that membership pays good. Families are literally destroyed even more then before the beer sales started years ago. The number of jail attendees to the south are staggering. The drunk driving, the hospitalized, the death toll directly and indirectly. New trucks coming in on sealift, seen a few days later in the ditch totally destroyed. It’s a new thing now to count the trucks in the ditch , in town and out each weekend. The department of youth services haven’t been busier. And there’s a committee formed to oversee why and how kids are taken away, with no insights at all to these questions by the committee members. The coop stores sells are mostly from alcohol, kids are hungry. It’s a incredibly mess. Northern communities deserve beer , wine and alcohol, just like any other place, I’m just telling you the facts.

    • Posted by The truth is th3 truth on

      Facts of the truth. Let the truth speak. Northern communities can’t have alcohol without incredible consequences. That’s a fact. It’s a live ongoing show. That being said, northern communities will still have alcohol, legal or illegal. The price of a beer, a glass of wine , or a drink is thousands of dollars when the consequences are factored in, but it’s the decision of that community to have it that way, period.

      • Posted by Facts on

        Fact is there is not enough the governments do in regards to mental healthcare, addiction treatment, by not doing much and deciding to open a beer and wine store is only adding fuel to the fire, the cart before the horse.
        It is incredible how a government can decide and build a beer and wine store at light speed for a government while other badly needed healthcare is moving at a snails pace. It makes us think who the driving force is behind the desks that work so hard and fast to open these beer and wine store while ignoring what is really needed, on top of that our political leaders going along with the ride on the cart and just accepting what is told by their staff.

    • Posted by Apples to Oranges on

      Well fortunately in this case the Government is running the store so the profits do stay in the territory! Hopefully some of these funds will go to programming to treat addictions.

      • Posted by Oranges to Apples on

        If you want an example of the GN using the profits from the beer and wine store unfortunately there isn’t any, the millions made from the Beer and Wine store in Iqaluit have gone to renting more warehouses to store and buy more beer and wine for the GN.
        Public drunkenness has become the norm and its not a pretty sight, while the GN looks the other way.

  6. Posted by I enjoy a drink now and then on

    I really hope they carry some decent Chardonnay and some good quality IPA’s.

    • Posted by Does it matter? on

      I don’t think it matters to most as long as we can get booze easier.

      • Posted by What’s yer point? on

        I wasn’t speaking for you, and certainly not for “most”

  7. Posted by delbert on

    When I am travelling thru Rankin. I will avoid staying at Siniktarvik. The Co-op should have asked the GN to locate the store some where else in town. The wine and beer store clients could cause the occasional problem for hotel guests.

  8. Posted by Duffman on

    Rankin will need to open a larger drunk tank too, Gonna be busy for the RCMP once the wild west show starts, I mean the beer and wine store opens for business.

  9. Posted by working on

    Is this a business opportunity and a guaranteed money maker only for the GN?
    Maybe this is a chance for NTI to invest their money to make money instead of relying just on interest rates because Iqaluit, Rankin and Cambridge Bay B&W will make money guaranteed.
    Come on NTI spend money to make money!

    • Posted by Get real! on

      Not on what causes social issues and further down the road that cost more to fix the problems.
      Guaranteed there will be more social issues coming out from the opening of these Beer and Wine stores, People drinking too much, losing their jobs, homes, family, fights, deaths, court, social services taking kids away, kids going hungry, not doing well in schools. the list goes on, sure up front the GN will make some money but in the long run the cost of adding these Beer and Wine stores will add up and be more expensive.

  10. Posted by Manapik on

    Ahem…there never is a fall in Nunavut. Autumn might be more correct in regards to the seasons in the Sun. Fall is when leaves are falling from trees?

  11. Posted by Covid 19 on

    Yes sir. Rankin Inlet is on for a treat alright. More drunks more violence more court more murders more suffering kids. Once the beer/wine gone. Go buy bottle. WAY TO GO NUNAVUT GOV.

  12. Posted by The age of maturity on

    The age of maturity unfortunately comes only in the form of ones birthday being produced as identity on a plastic card or paper, or otherwise one is older looking obviously aged in years enough to buy booze. Yes there are so many immature people with the age in years , but an immature brain undetected with the plastic card proof. Oh, if only we were advanced enough to to get the immature idiots at the cash register. Would help very much.

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