Digital cable arrives in Iqaluit


Cable television in Iqaluit went digital this week.

Iqaluit Cable, run by Arctic Co-ops Ltd., announced last month they’ll expand the number of channels available and eventually offer high definition television.

The TV provider will also move away from its current one-size-fits-all package of channels and allow viewers to add channel packages based on themes like news, sports and entertainment.

But the new service also means the end of analog television, so subscribers will need a set-top decoder box to watch the new channels. That box will cost nine dollars per month or 20 dollars per month for high definition.

A basic package of 28 channels will cost about 38 dollars per month with an extra “family entertainment” package going for an additional 36 dollars per month.

That second package is needed to buy any of the 15 additional theme packages, which range from six to 19 dollars each per month.

Arctic Co-op manager Stephane Daigle said he expected the old analog signal to be cut off by July 1.

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