Divvying up whale meat


IQALUIT — Residents of Faroe Island’s capital city, Thorshavn, have a new source of free whale meat and blubber.

Those wanting meat and blubber can write their names on a waiting list administered by members of the city council.

“Thorshavn has a population of 15,000 and even when there is a pilot whale drive in the area, there is never enough meat and blubber to go around (for) that many people,” said Lavur Sjrarberg, chairman of the Faroese Pilot Whalers Association.

Last month, city council members used the new system to distribute the meat and blubber of 53 whales. Residents received the meat in alphabetical order. Overall distribution of meat and blubber to Thorshavn residents is subject to availability.

Since January, Faroe Island whalers have caught 860 pilot whales.

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