East meets West


IQALUIT — The Inuit Circumpolar Conference is forging ties between Siberia and the North American Arctic.

Last week in Anadyr, Siberia, Aqqaluk Lynge, the president of the ICC, signed an agreement with Roman Abramovich, the governor of Chukotka, that will pave the way for more cooperation between indigenous peoples in Chukotka and Inuit from Canada, Greenland and Alaska.

It will also strengthen the Chukotka branch of ICC.

“We have been given a very clear message that ICC is welcome to work even closer with our Inuit brothers and sisters, as well as other indigenous peoples,” Lynge said.

The agreement will assist ICC members in their dealings with Chukotka.

“It is hoped that Inuit businesses in each country will work with ICC in creating joint ventures that benefit all Inuit,” said Dennis Tiepelman, ICC’s vice-president for Alaska, who accompanied Lynge to Chukotka.

Around 1,600 Siberian Yup’ik Inuit live in the Chukotka.

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