Exploring Igloolik’s historic Hudson’s Bay Co. post

Digging into first wooden building in Igloolik was subject of a middle school journalism club project

Members of the Sivuniit Middle School journalism club explore the burnt-out Hudson’s Bay Co. building at its current spot in Igloolik. (Photo by Devin Ungalaq, special to Nunatsiaq News)

By Anthony Qrunnut,
special to Nunatsiaq News

This Hudson’s Bay Company post in Igloolik was first constructed in 1939.

It was one of the first wooden buildings built in Igloolik, and the first Foxe Basin trading post north of Repulse Bay.

The Hudson’s Bay Co. was the dominant force in the fur trade and in retail throughout the eastern Arctic until the late 1970s, with some posts staying open until 1987.

The Igloolik structure was abandoned following a fire there in July, 2020. That same month, it was moved to its current location just outside of the town.

Click here to see an interactive then-and-now illustration of what the store looked like in its heyday and what its interior looks like today.

This article is the result of a partnership between Nunatsiaq News and the Sivuniit Middle School’s journalism club in Igloolik. The club helps students learn the fundamentals of news writing and photography. Students Anthony Qrunnut and Devin Ungalaq looked into the history of the Hudson’s Bay Co. post that was damaged by fire in 2020.

  • The cause of a 2020 fire that damaged the historic Hudson's Bay Co. building in Igloolik has yet to be determined. (Photo by Anthony Qrunnut, special to Nunatsiaq News)


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