Fake emails impersonate premier’s office, GN warns

Government advises people to always verify the sender’s identity before opening, and to report suspicious emails

The Nunavut government warned people Tuesday of an email phishing scam involving communications purporting to come from Premier P.J. Akeeagok. (File photo)

By Jorge Antunes

The Government of Nunavut warned Nunavummiut on Tuesday to be on the lookout for seemingly official emails that purport to be sent by Premier P.J. Akeeagok seeking assistance from individuals.

In fact, they are part of what the government described as “a malicious email phishing scam that fraudulently impersonates Premier Akeeagok’s official communications,” a news release said on Tuesday.

The suspicious email that triggered the announcement was discovered circulating among government workers’ accounts, said Beth Brown, a spokesperson for the premier’s office.

She said the language in the email is not threatening and that she’s not aware of anyone who has been victimized by the emails.

Phishing email attacks are often used to gain access to sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card information. The GN issued a similar notice during the North American Indigenous Games in July, warning of fake livestreams used to solicit personal information.

In some cases, information gleaned from attacks can be used for further incursions such as the installation of ransomware that allows hackers to hold critical computer systems hostage demanding payment in order to release locked-down systems.

The GN’s announcement advised people to be cautious when receiving unsolicited or unexpected email. Recommended precautions include verifying the sender’s identity, being cautious with personal information, and reporting all suspicious emails.

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by S on

    Why, as in “why” isn’t the Government’s phishing software detecting the emails that are spam?

    The anti-spam software should be more rigorous than the hope-and-a-prayer method that “people ,,, always verify the sender’s identity before opening, and ,,, report suspicious emails”

    • Posted by WHY on

      The GN is totally dependent on MicroSoft and Adobe for everything related to computer networking, and to contracting firms for people.
      The GN has bought everything these firms sell, including pretend security.
      These firms do not sell real security.
      Instead of developing and testing their software until it works and is free of bugs, MicroSoft delivers bug-ware and then sends out a bunch of “patches” every Tuesday. That’s right, every Tuesday MicroSoft sends many patches intended to correct many bugs in their software. But there’s always more bugs to be “patched” the following Tuesday.

      • Posted by MARS on

        Catching malware and the like is a game of cat and mouse. As the bugs/viruses change so must the testing for each different bug/virus in reaction to the change in coding however slight that change might be.

        Similar to testing in the Olympics for PED’s, a simple change in the chemical structure of a PED causes testing to be outdated and inaccurate. This means that the tests for these substances are only as accurate as what has been detected previously and then developed in response to the new chemical structure.

        Microsoft develops immensely robust and increasingly complex products. The fact that they deliver constant updates is not something to knock them for. MS does more for the business industry then your pessimism does 1000x over.

        • Posted by Bugs on

          “Microsoft develops immensely robust and increasingly complex products.”
          Microsoft has never developed any software product.
          Microsoft has been very good at spotting software that sells for less than customers are willing to pay. It buys the company, or leases their product, and then makes it available for 10 times the original price. Microsoft adds features or makes cosmetic changes. It introduces bugs while doing so. I’ve watched them since the day Bill Gates leased an operating system to IBM that he did not have, but knew where he could get one.

  2. Posted by lets go brandon on

    maybe it really is coming from the premier office but you think its scamer

  3. Posted by communication problems on

    P.J. really is having widespread communication problems, now from his own email back to giving notices in communiites. No answers for MLAS. Communications is broken at GN. They really need to make some changes.

    • Posted by System Wide Problem on

      My most longstanding and salient observation within our GN workplace is that communication is brutal and that has consequences (that no one, oddly, appears to notice).

  4. Posted by Momma Nanuk on

    Can we have an re-election. this is horrible

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