Former Iqaluit mayor pays back money for Iceland trip

Kenny Bell paid back nearly $9,500 to city, CAO confirms

Former Iqaluit mayor Kenny Bell has paid back the nearly the $9,500 he owed the city for a paid trip he took to Iceland in October. (File photo)

By Emma Tranter

Iqaluit’s former mayor has paid back the money he owed the city for a trip he took to Iceland in October for a conference he did not attend.

Kenny Bell paid back the $9,484.78 he owes the city today, acting chief administrative officer Rod Mugford said in an email.

At their Oct. 25 city council meeting, councillors set Nov. 30 as the deadline for Bell to pay back the money,

Bell flew to Reykjavik, Iceland, in October for the 2022 Arctic Circle Assembly where he was scheduled to speak on a panel on behalf of the city.

Conference organizers and City of Iqaluit staff both confirmed Bell did not show up to that speaking engagement.

Iqaluit’s then-chief administrative officer, Amy Elgersma, said the city paid for Bell to attend the Arctic Circle event.

She also said Bell informed city administration that he did not attend the conference “where he was to represent the City of Iqaluit as a delegate and a speaker.”

“The trip was paid for using city funds. He has not provided an explanation but has offered to repay the city for the trip expenses,” Elgersma wrote in an email in October.

Bell later said he would pay back the money to the city.

Bell resigned as mayor on Oct. 18 saying he had discussed the decision with family and friends. He did not offer a reason for his resignation.

Nunatsiaq News could not reach Bell for a comment about the repayment.


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  1. Posted by Douglas on

    Obviously another slow news day in Iqaluit.

  2. Posted by Ian on

    End of the keyboard warrior drama, thanks for your efforts ken, up next election another lamb to the slaughter.

    • Posted by Putting this out there on

      But really who cares about the election… good chance whoever you vote for won’t last the full term anyway. And some one will just be appointed.

      Then again dealing with all the criticism and lack of knowledge by other councilors and staff, no wonder elected officials don’t stick around.

  3. Posted by for a pal on

    Does that include the salary he collected while he was supposed to be there for work?

  4. Posted by Tamaani on

    Good on you, thank you.

    How many wrong doings have happened and the money is not returned??? Perhaps this is rare or are funds to GN, Employers, others typically returned when meetings are not attended?

  5. Posted by Tourist on

    Man, that was an expensive vacation!

  6. Posted by Confused on

    I’d just buy me a snowmobile.

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