Former mayor takes on incumbent, another challenger, in Resolute Bay

Council, district education authority and alcohol education committee all acclaimed

In Resolute Bay’s municipal election, incumbent mayor Mark Amuaralik is up against Aziz Kheraj and Mike Stephens. The vote is on Oct. 23. (File photo)

By David Lochead

Leading up to Nunavut’s Oct. 23 municipal elections, Nunatsiaq News is publishing snapshots of races in the territory’s 25 communities.

Incumbent mayor Mark Amarualik faces a challenge for his seat from Aziz Kheraj and Mike Stephens in Resolute Bay’s mayor’s race.

Kheraj told Nunatsiaq News he is a semi-retired businessman who has lived in the hamlet for 45 years. He served as mayor in 2000 and 2001.

“I have more time now to help the hamlet and feel that now is a good time to get back to municipal activities,” Kheraj said about his decision to run for mayor.

He said he used to be the district education authority chairperson and has served on the alcohol education committee.

Nunatsiaq News was not able to reach Amarualik or Stephens for an interview.

Resolute Bay is one of Nunavut’s most northerly communities. It’s called Qausuittuq in Inuktitut, which means place with no dawn. It is also one of Nunavut’s smaller communities, with a population of 183 according to the 2021 census.

In the 1950s, the Government of Canada forcibly relocated Inuit to from their home communities in Nunavik to Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord.

The community today is a connection point in the High Arctic for Nunavummiut, researchers, adventurers and military to places like Grise Fiord and other parts of Ellesmere Island.

Jazlin Salluviniq is acclaimed as the only member of municipal council. She is also acclaimed as the only member of the district education authority.

The hamlet’s alcohol education committee is also acclaimed. Its members are Ralph Alexander, Mathew Nungaq and Lori Nungaq.

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  1. Posted by Power on

    Wow Jazlin has power in Resolute right now. She will decide the entire Hamlet Council (well her and the Mayor) and she will also determine the what happens in the school as she is also the sole responsible to appoint for the DEA…. well if the the Department of Education did what the DEAs told them.
    Best of luck to her to convince the best people to join.

  2. Posted by monty sling on

    Personal finances in order; that discipline should continue into public sector @ 99.5% of the time, and we know this discipline is needed at both sectors. It’s not a rocket science. Nunavummiut watch whom you want to run your communities. Example, lack of housing in Nunavut? that’s because GN has no have control on contracts; $$$ profit ratio has gone out of control and there is nothing GN is doing anything about….yes blame somebody else… communities; we need savvy mayors, a mayor who as outlook as GN is a fool.

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