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Former Gjoa Haven teacher pleads guilty to sexual assault


IQALUIT — On Oct. 19, Abraham Hiqniq, 43, a truck driver and former teacher at Kekertak Iliahakvik School in Gjoa Haven, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault.

Nunavut Court Judge Beverly Brown then requested a pre-sentencing report, which will be tabled when court convenes again in Gjoa Haven during the third week of February next year.

Hiqniq faces a total of 10 sex-related charges, although a package plea deal on the remaining offenses is likely in February.

Ben Kogvic, 43, an employee of the Nunavut Water Board and a former teacher in Gjoa Haven, pleaded not guilty to 18 sex-related charges that he faces. His preliminary inquiry will be held in February.

The charges facing the two former teachers relate to incidents said to have occurred between 1972 and 1988. Most of the complainants were school-aged children at that time.

According to the RCMP, more disclosures concerning the two accused offenders have been received.

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