Former janitor receives conditional sentence for sexual assault


Michael Qaunirq, 33, received a 16-month conditional sentence after pleading guilty to sexual assault. Two break-and-enter charges against him were dropped in exchange for the guilty plea.

In what Crown lawyer Kevin Drolet repeatedly called a “bizarre” case, the court heard that Qaunirq entered a women’s apartment, crawled into her bed and initiated sexual intercourse.

The woman, thinking he was her boyfriend, did not protest Qaunirq’s advances but later told police she thought it odd that he had kept his clothes and boots on during the encounter.

After the assault, Qaunirq started to leave the apartment, at which time the complainant noticed her boyfriend sleeping on the couch, Drolet said.

The police were called, Qaunirq was arrested and held in remand custody for eight months until his release on Nov. 20.

Qaunirq’s sentence includes an order prohibiting him from public intoxication and from possessing a master key.

“At the time of the incident he was employed as a janitor and there is some concern he used a master key to enter the apartment,” Drolet said.

He told the judge the complainant declined to file a victim impact statement with the court.

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