Fox that attacked dog in Resolute Bay had rabies, GN says

2 dogs attacked so far this month; residents warned of rabies risk

Two attacks involving foxes, similar to the one pictured here, have occurred this month in Resolute Bay, the GN says. (File photo by Paul Nuyalia)

By Nunatsiaq News

Two separate attacks by foxes on dogs in Resolute Bay this month — including one in which the fox later tested positive for rabies — have the Government of Nunavut urging people there to be on the lookout.

The first attack happened Jan. 8. The GN has not revealed how the fox was killed, however tests have since confirmed it was rabid. The dog is being held in confinement, according to a news release issued late Tuesday afternoon.

The latest incident occurred Jan. 14 and in that instance the fox was not captured.

“Due to the danger of rabies, we advise all residents to be on the lookout for foxes in your area,” said GN spokesperson Victoria Morgan in the release.

She advised anyone bitten or scratched by a fox or dog to seek medical treatment and report the incident immediately. Rabies cases are nearly always fatal if left untreated.

Any animals seen behaving strangely, such as staggering, frothing at the mouth or making unusual noises, should be reported to a conservation officer at 867-252-3879, the release advised.

Anyone whose dog has had contact with a fox or wolf should contact a regional environmental health officer at 867-975-1163.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Qavvigarjuk on

    Nunavut people please vaccinate your dogs againts rabies, it is free. This way a fully vaccinated dog would not have to be put down after mandatory quarantine ( which is way less than unvaccinated dog) when it comes in contact with a rabid animal. Also it protects people who interact with the dog. Unvaccinated dogs who come in contact with a rabid animal are almost certain to die from the deadly disease.

    • Posted by Aaqsar on

      How is it free? I live in Iqaluit, and not only is it not free, it it not available in any way, for any price.

      • Posted by Aaqsar on

        Qavvigarjuk, I’m actually asking. If vaccines for dogs are available in Nunavut, please share how we can go about getting them.

        • Posted by Qavvigarjuk on

          I am surprised that they are not available for free in Iqaluit; they are in all other Nunavut communities. The GN Environmental health officers usually provide them to the hamlet bylaw officers who immunize the dogs for decades. Contact your EHO in Iqaluit and ask them why the vaccines are not provided for free in Iqaluit. They should be especially all the rabies cases that you had the past year in the city.

          • Posted by Aaqsar on

            Thank you for the information.

          • Posted by Aaqsar on

            To your knowledge, are parvo, distemper, etc. available in other communities too? Sorry to ask so many questions, but this is the first hint of help I’ve been able to get with this. I think, because Iqaluit had a vet coming to town twice a year for so many years, and then we had an actual vet clinic, the government didn’t feel the need to make vaccines available. But the clinic has closed permanently, and the vet rotations came to a halt when the clinic opened.

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