Fuel contaminants confirmed in Iqaluit’s water system

City releases results of water tests at Friday afternoon press conference

By Jeff Pelletier

The City of Iqaluit has confirmed that its water supply has been contaminated by fuel.

Test results were announced at a Friday afternoon press conference held by Mayor Kenny Bell, senior administrative officer Amy Elgersma and Nunavut’s chief public health officer, Dr. Michael Patterson.

Elgersma reported the results of water tests conducted in Iqaluit earlier this week. Residents had complained their tap water smelling like fuel since Oct. 2.

More to come.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Where is NTI? on

    Why has NTI not stepped up to offer support to Inuit in this city? They used the national attention on Iqaluit this week to capitalize on their own agenda with the education lawsuit.

    It is beautiful to see everyone working together during such a stressful time, but I guess NTI is waiting for the federal government to send them money before they’ll show they care.

    • Posted by Navalik Helen Tologanak on

      Why hasn’t the military been helping in this crisis? Military please go up and help Iqalunmiut. Quana.

  2. Posted by snapshot on

    I think NTI uses less than 5% of their budget to help people it represents.

    It’s pathetic, I have barely ever in it’s entire time of being an organization has it ever help Inuit.

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