Fuel spill partially shuts down Taloyoak health centre

Section of centre without fumes still operating, dental services relocated to Cambridge Bay, health department states

In Taloyoak, a fuel spill two weeks ago at the health centre has forced emergency services to be moved to an older health centre that had been replaced in 2015. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Taloyoak health centre is operating on emergency services only following a fuel spill at the facility, the Government of Nunavut Department of Health said in a release Thursday afternoon.

Emergency services will be available in a section of the health centre that’s free of fuel fumes, the release said.  Another location will be used for patients if fumes make the entire health centre unfit for care.

Until the fuel fume situation is resolved, the dental team will be located in Cambridge Bay.

The Department of Health stated it, along with the Department of Community and Government Services, is trying to clean up the oil spill as quickly as possible.

Community members seeking more information can phone 867-561-1111.

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  1. Posted by Delbert on

    There are a lot of closures of schools health centers and unreported case of homes. Having issues with fuel spills. This disrupts hleath care, childrens education and people haveing to leave thierhomes. Also the enviromental aspect of getting the spills cleaned up. Then there is the cost. Why is this happening all the time. What can be done to prevent them?

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