Gas questions? Call Kattuk


As of last week, the GN still had not identified which government department would be responsible for handling the aftermath of the bad gas situation within communities.

As the session ended, MLAs were expecting to return home to see boxes of engine parts piled on the desks of their constituency offices.

Baker Lake MLA Glenn McLean pleaded with Public Works Minister Peter Kattuk to delegate responsibility before MLAs returned home.

“I just got off the phone from my constituency, and I have six burst pistons sitting on my desk in Baker Lake, waiting for my return. And I know by the time I get back there’s probably going to be boxes of equipment and engines and stuff that people are going to be asking, ‘Where do we take this stuff to and who’s going to be the collection centre?’”

Kattuk said his department would work with the local government, but did not specify which body would take the lead.

McLean pressed on by asking if he could give his constituents Kattuk’s home phone number, as well as his office and cell numbers.

“That’s not good enough. It’s not a good enough answer. If the minister would give me his cell phone, his home phone number, and his office number and tell me that he will be available to deal with the calls from people’s engines that have seized up and inquiries,” McLean said.

“He either tells me today who’s going to deal with these inquiries in every community in Nunavut or give me his phone numbers so I can tell my constituents to call him about this issue of bad gas.”

Kattuk agreed to give McLean his office number, and promised to have more information by this week.

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