Gathering capacity limits lifted in Nunavik

New measures allow bars, gyms and churches to open without COVID-19 restrictions

This graphic shows the distribution of COVID-19 cases across Nunavik as of March 10. (Graphic courtesy of the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services has lifted several restrictions on gatherings in the region.

As of Saturday, there are no longer capacity limits for bars, restaurants, extracurricular activities, churches, meetings and at-home get-togethers. The health board announced the changes on its official Facebook page on March 10.

Although there’s no limit on gatherings at private residences, the health board still recommends that people keep their get-togethers to a maximum of 10 people.

In elder homes, residents are allowed to have two visitors at a time, or a maximum of four throughout the day, and they are allowed to leave to attend private gatherings.

Mask requirements and physical distancing measures are still in place in public spaces, as well as work and education settings, but proof of vaccination is no longer required.

For travel, quarantine and testing upon arrival to destinations are no longer required. Proof of vaccination and authorization for travel to Nunavik from the south remains in effect.

Active COVID-19 cases in Nunavik have been on the decline for the past few weeks. The health board reported there were 46 active cases in the region as of March 10.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by MARTIN LUTHER KING on

    Free at last , free at last , (let s ditch the mask) Thanks god almighty we are free at last.

    • Posted by Nay, you got it wrong on

      First of all! As I make a comment, I’m not from the perspective of having been at a lost of liberty, and suddenly feeling free. Never felt any lost of freedom during my life really, let alone since the pandemic. I’ve always felt just finding my way through a crisis, by adapting to those restrictions and health protocols. No big deal. I think people that have felt lost of freedom during the pandemic are those people that always feeling that someone is controlling their lives. These people solely depend on others in society to govern their behaviour. They don’t think for themselves. They follow and make no independent decisions, other than what others think of them, and they’re so concern about what others think of them. That’s the character of those that feel their freedom has been stolen. They’re only focusing on others for permission to live. Very dependent people they are. They were always free, just like me, and everyone , but their thoughts are stuck in dependency on others and government. They don’t participate, they use misinformation and defend their paranoia.

      • Posted by ChesLey on

        What started out as a necessary health measures has been misused and abused in certain quarters. Freezing bank accounts of private citizens because they have made a contribution to a protest on health mandates, that is extreme. That is a measure and act of an oppressive government.


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