Getting out on the open road in Kuujjuaq

Cyclists in Kuujjuaq enjoy getting out on the open road at the annual bike rally organized by the Kativik Regional Police Force on Friday, June 14, to promote bike safety. The staff at Nunatsiaq News wish our readers a happy Canada Day. Our offices will be closed on Monday, July 1, to observe the holiday. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

By Patricia Lightfoot

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  1. Posted by Not safe on

    These roads are among the unsafe streets of the province, if not the country. Little kids on bicycles and everyone else are not safe being on these roads. Take the fatality of a 13 year old a few weeks ago. This will surely happen again and again. There’s no rules to be followed. At least very little knowledge of from the young under aged kids driving ATV, and cars and trucks. Most drivers have little knowledge or no knowledge of driving, and no safety whatsoever. All this combined with intoxicated drivers, cruising around in vehicles that belong in the dump, and the recipe is disastrous. The challenger plane must use most of its budget as a result of all this. The community houses with disabilities stairs and wheel chair ramps are common. Things are so bad, there needs to be a live documentary, that would win awards, and could also safe a life.

  2. Posted by THE GARBAGE CAN on

    It is crazy heavy traffic at times in the town and the NV ought to work on those traffic by-laws, enforce the by-laws and with the KRPF suspend driver’s licences when necessary. Drivers allow the time it takes to get where you are going, teleporting as in the Star Trek tv show has not yet been invented patience and good driving practice saves lives maybe even your own…

    • Posted by What license? on

      What licenses are you suggesting that police suspend? Most don’t have a clue about driving safety, let alone a license. Has anyone seen the weirdest road yet , just on the outskirts of kuujjuaq ? Going out dump way. That weirdly made god knows who got the right away? And suggestion of idiot drivers , soon to be serious accident coming to that weird road soon. And I bet it will be an unlicensed driver, intoxed maybe; cause any knowledgeable driver knows the difference, but still could be hit by the uneducated.

  3. Posted by Drivers ed on

    At least encourage people to learn how to drive. KI, got qualified instructors and cars and the program. It’s time also for vehicle registration and safety aspects of old junk, beat up vehicles should be off the road. Under age driving is among the worst. Parents, where are you ? Impaired driving, big issue, police where are you? People don’t learn thou, not going to blame it on the police, it’s the society of drunk drivers, and neglect of the young. It’s killing so many. Just look at all the big trucks, many are parked or hidden out behind the house with a tarp covering over, a shameful moment out of sight, nope easily seen. Many frustrating people now, because a big new beat up truck that cost 30 or 40 thousand, is a write off, but owed money on. Bad, bad. The never learning.

  4. Posted by For they not know on

    As we discuss here, those causing the trouble are not even aware of this discussion. That’s the saddest of all. The unaware is not aware. No insight to the issues will ever come to be. Those causing the trouble live in a tiny little world, with no world view. Even the little kids that you see speeding around town on motor scooters and atv, they are not fully comprehend the potential of injury or death. Just hours after a fatal accident, you see them doing the same old behaviour. Awareness is none. That’s the saddest of all. No insight, and no awareness.

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