GN seeks community input for proposed cannabis store in Iqaluit

Company applies to open cannabis store at 760 Queen Elizabeth Way

The Government of Nunavut has received an application for a second cannabis store in Iqaluit at building 760, near Four Corners. (Photo by David Venn)

By Nunatsiaq News

Competition could be heating up in Iqaluit’s cannabis retail sector.

The Government of Nunavut is seeking community input on an application by Higher Experience Inc. to open a store at 760 Queen Elizabeth Way.

If approved, it would be a second cannabis retailer for Iqaluit, in addition to Nuna Cannabis, located on Federal Road.

The proposal is to open a store where cannabis is sold to and accessible only by adults aged 19 and older.

Under Nunavut’s cannabis laws, the territorial government must consult the community when such an application is received.

Proposed by Higher Experience Inc., the store would be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily except Tuesdays and statutory holidays.

Cannabis stores may also use sensory display items, such as smell jars, to discuss products with customers.

Iqaluit residents can send their comments or concerns over the proposed cannabis store in Iqaluit to or phone 867-975-6821.

The deadline to submit feedback is May 25.

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(29) Comments:

  1. Posted by Ragin Ronnie on

    I realize it is legal…..but sort of adds a little gasoline to the existing problems within the Territory.

    • Posted by Kaptain Kurious on

      How so?

      • Posted by Captain Obvious on

        Ever heard of substance induced psychosis?

        • Posted by DudeTown on

          Zero people are walking around causing problem while high causing problems. None.
          There are lots of people every day causing trouble while drunk.

          • Posted by Cha on

            That doesn’t mean that families and individuals aren’t suffering because of it. Fighting in the streets isn’t the only indication that people are suffering from addiction.

            Also, ever encountered a regular, heavy user who couldn’t get their weed when they want it? There’s a lot of rage behind closed doors. But don’t fool yourself. There are many ways that cannabis use disorder can affect a family negatively.

          • Posted by Brain on

            Also, impact on developing brains exposed to the thing.

        • Posted by Brian Willoughby on

          Yes, the relationship was exposed through longitudinal data accumulated by the Dunedin study, the bottom line is that, a small percentage of adolescents with a specific allele in their genome may develop schizoid disorders.
          The benefits that people who suffer from PTSD are well documented and certainly beneficial for the many Inuit who suffer.

      • Posted by Uhhh on

        Cannabis use disorder?

      • Posted by Up in smoke on

        Addiction, there’s so much addiction to drugs and alcohol in Nunavut with very little help, our focus is too much on making it easier to fill our addiction instead of finding to cause and finding ways to move past our addiction and becoming healthy.

  2. Posted by One is more than enough!! on

    There’s more than enough social issues in this community without adding another outlet!! I’m tired of watching people loose their lives, dignity, jobs, money, and families to addictions. Legalization doesn’t justify or make it right!! I’ve watched this community self destruct because of the government’s handling of mind numbing substance abuse. For once do what will help the next generation and please say “NO”!!

  3. Posted by 867 on

    There is no secret that cannabis damages brain cells especially with younger smokers. There are already so many mental health problems in Nuanvut and cannabis often leads people to psychosis and schizophrenia. Smoking age shiould be 25

  4. Posted by Cheerio on

    I imagine the people hanging around outside the northern store would like a little variety in their lives.

  5. Posted by Mary Jean on

    Let’s all thanks our great Leader Justin. This is, by far, his greatest legacy. 👎

  6. Posted by So… on

    Things like this will help keep the population growth down, reducing the pressure on the inadequate supply of houses in Nunavut.
    Some call it social darwinism, others call it modern-day colonialism, still others have a less polite name for it.
    But the reality is, their prices will be too high to make much of a difference.

    • Posted by Actually…. on

      The proven best way to reduce population growth is one word. EDUCATION. And I’m not talking about sex education. Just general education.

    • Posted by Hysteria on

      “Things like this will help keep the population growth down”

      Pure hysterics, like most of the comments here.

  7. Posted by Oppenhiemer on

    The sky is falling!

    Clutch your pearls everyone!

    Since this issue settled so many years ago now I thought the moral panic might have died down, apparently it did not

    • Posted by watchoo on

      Using a phrase like “pearl clutching” as a blanket statement to describe people expressing their rational, legitimate concerns about Iqaluit and the trouble many households have experienced because of other peoples’ cannabis use disorder is a little unfair. I don’t see any peal-clutching. I see people who accept that cannabis is legal and has already been in the community for many, many years. Some people have suffered because of it and are questioning whether there is a need for a second store, particularly when there’s no real option for substance abuse treatment and support anywhere near Iqaluit. To mock people who are hurting by using a phrase like “pearl-clutching” shuts down any reasonable conversation.

      • Posted by Why? on

        I think a good majority of these comments are total hysterics.

        Why do you think I need to set my comments up for having a “reasonable conversation”? Is that necessary?

  8. Posted by sanimut on

    how well is the one shop we got doing? almost everyone i know still gets it online from bc, or on the streets cause the prices are way too high at the pot shop.

  9. Posted by Paul on

    Is this community input gonna be done the same way it was for the beer and wine store, we heard many apposed to the beer in wine store saying there’s already so much problems with alcohol addiction and no help for people. Yet it went ahead and now look at all the drunks we see today, can’t even go to the stores without some sort of incident happening, summer will be bad again.
    Next we will be smelling dope in front of the stores walking in with our kids.
    It’s gotten so bad with drunks it seems like a lot of us are starting to get desensitized to this huge problem and choose to ignore it instead, go about our day and pretend everything is ok.

  10. Posted by Mail-order bride on

    Most Iqalummiut buy their cannabis illegally online and get it shipped through Canada post. No mayor, Minister or Premier, no MLA, and most GN workers dont wanna be seen buying weed in these Cannabis stores. That is all.

  11. Posted by plain & Simple on

    Not in support! People in Nunavut are suffering enough!
    cannabis induced psychosis! Yes it is happening right now and their not getting the help!

    Just keep buying it illegally online at least it will not be in the capital! what a shame!

    Soon we will call it the Capital Shame!

  12. Posted by More competition is good on

    Great news, more competition is always a good thing!

    Prices are high at the existing store, we need another store to help drive prices down in town. Maybe they can start eating into the black market which would be a good thing. Absolutely a much better and convenient location as well.

    Controlled regulated sales are much better than what happens now. Make it happen!

  13. Posted by One is not enough on

    A second store will create competition therefore lowering prices, some may or may not be opposed to Marijuana but the reality is that it helps a large number of people with mental problems and other issues they may have. A second store open up a new revenue stream for the GN, one hopes they take the extra money and put it towards helping the community via access to mental health resources or facilities.

  14. Posted by WHO on

    Who are the people behind this proposed store?

  15. Posted by thinktwice folks on

    this building is literally across a church, an elementary school, 2 playgrounds, and walking core area of the town and what about the traffic and parking this will create… having a new store is a good idea but please choose a better place.

  16. Posted by Niel langer on

    Well i can say i don’t smoke any more but that’s all i can say

  17. Posted by Addicted on

    Let’s just make it easier to buy our addictions, never mind getting better or doing the right things, I just wanna buy my stuff.


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