Good information, good choices


There’s no doubt about it — abstinence is the only way that’s 100 per cent sure of preventing STDs, unplanned pregnancies and the emotional turmoil that can arise in intimate relationships.

Also true is that “it takes a whole village to raise a child” and healthy sexuality information from parents, teachers, health workers and church groups (for those who are religious) are important. However, choosing your teachings carefully is essential.

With a simple “no pre-marital sex” message, a guaranteed 95 per cent loss of any youth audience is sure to follow.

For health educators, the intent is neither to promote nor discourage sex (safer or otherwise). The goal is to give clear information in a non-judgmental way so young people can make more intelligent decisions — decisions based on respect and understanding.

It is our hope that with good information, for those people who do choose to be sexually active, they do so by engaging in safer sex practices — such as birth control, condoms and limiting the number of sexual partners.


Madeleine Cole

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